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You may never think about satellites and how they make our life better on Earth. But, they are up there…hundreds of them and they all do something special. You can learn about them here! Satellites help us study climate change, control pollution, preserve natural habitat and protect wildlife. Satellites even help us navigate through our city streets and bring our favorite televisions shows to our homes. You can learn how satellites do all this and more by clicking on
Fun with Satellites.

What is the biggest satellite in space? The International Space Station (ISS) is a very special satellite because astronauts live on board. That’s right! Men and women from countries around the world live together on this amazing satellite and perform important experiments that cannot be performed on Earth. You can see the ISS from your own backyard if you know where to look and you can hear the ISS with a simple radio. You can learn all this and more by clicking on
Fun with the International Space Station.